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Besides the birdwatching that one can do at Rancho Naturalista, we can arrange half-day and full-day trips to sites that offer a different array of species than the ones found at Rancho.

When planning a trip it is recommended to discuss your wishes with one of the guides as they are able to tell you what site is best for the bird target list one might have.


Half-day trips

Near Rancho Naturalista there are several top birding sites. Locations such as Rio Tuis, Cerro Silencio, Angostura Lake, Rio Platanillo, and C.A.T.I.E. are all certainly worth spending some time at. It is not surprising that these trips are popular since one can find a wide variety of birds different from Rancho. Please do note that all tours are subject to the availability of transportation and guides.

All of the half-day trip locations are within 15-30 minutes driving distance from Rancho Naturalista.

Purple Gallinule


Full-Day Trips

There are several sites a bit further away from Rancho Naturalista that are definitely worth spending a full day at. The trips leave early in the morning around 05:00 with packed breakfast and boxed lunch. The trips can be modified according to your target list, to make the possibilities of seeing your wishbirds as high as possible. It is recommended to discuss this beforehand with the guide to make the best itinerary possible.

Distance: 2 hours 30 minutes drive time.

Volcano Junco

Distance: 1 hour 30 minutes drive time.

Fiery-throated-Hummingbird at Rancho Naturalista

Distance: 1 hour drive time.

Distance: 2 hours drive time.

Distance: 2 hours 30 minutes drive time.

Distance: 3 hours drive time.

Resplendent Quetzal Costa Rica

Distance: 30 minutes drive time.